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Lightweight cantilever axis

The drylin cantilever axes are suitable for many positioning and adjustment tasks and are characterised by high reliability in operation and by light weight. Applications in the vertical plane are particularly well suited for this purpose. When driven by a rack, the mass that is being moved is reduced. With regard to energy saving, power transmission to a rack is up to 30% more cost-effective than belt deflection. In addition, it is possible to connect grippers, pick up parts and move.

The benefits at a glance:

  • High, constant stiffness of the axis regardless of the length of the stroke
  • High precision
  • High speeds possible
  • Freely controllable installation position
  • Long travels can be implemented

Linear axes with rack and pinion drive

Gripper axis with rack drylin® GRQ

Lightweight axis for pick & place drylin GRQ

  • Toothed, hard anodised, corrosion-free square hollow section
  • Loads up to 500g with a speed of up to 0.7m/s possible
  • Drive: NEMA11 stepper motor with gear wheel

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Cantilever axis with rack drylin® GRW

Dynamic z-axis drylin GRW

  • Direct force transfer via rack
  • Compact structure
  • For loads up to 10N
  • Accessories available
  • Available with motor

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Cantilever axis with drylin® GRR rack

Lightweight z-axis drylin GRR

  • Lightweight Z-axis (1.45kg) for strokes up to 500mm
  • Made from aluminium and plastic
  • Ideal for linear robots
  • Dynamic mass of only 0.9kg enables fast operation

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For multi-axis linear robots

For multi-axis linear robots

For test and measuring equipment

For test and measuring equipment

For pick & place applications

For pick & place applications

Further products

drylin® ZAW-1040 cantilever axis

Firmly mounted drive unit, only profile and load are moved, hard anodized aluminum axis profile

drylin® linear module

The new lubrication-free drylin® linear module: unsupported and telescopic

... Linear module ... control from outside

Torque-resistant, lubrication-free linear module with low weight and small dimensions.

Automation with stepper motors, direct current motors and EC/BLDC motors

For linear axes and handling systems in general, igus offers a wide range of electric motors. Hybrid stepper motors or direct current motors are used in lead screw drives, toothed belts and rack and pinion drives. The electric motors complete the offer of igus in automation. Whole handling systems are generally configurable in combination with cantilever axes and linear axes with rack-and-pinion.

Find out more about electric motors
Ready to connect toothed belt axes

Customers application examples

Further information

Suitable entry-level models | drylin econ

Here you will find cost-effective linear modules for a wide range of positioning tasks.

Assembly videos | drylin drive technology

Do you need help with the assembly of your linear axes? Our videos show how it works.


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